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Summer newsletter story 1Every workforce is one of a kind, and meeting the health and well-being needs of diverse employee populations is important to your clients. But delivering a complete solution that addresses the needs of the whole person can be a challenge. Many well-being programs only address physical activity, and most of those focus almost entirely on the 20 percent of people who are already in the action stage of change. That means employers are missing more than 80 percent of employees who are at the pre-contemplation, contemplation and preparation stages.

StayWell understands the importance of engaging the entire population and that using the science of behavior change can help close the engagement gap for workplace well-being programs. That’s why we have developed solutions for the distinct needs of employers no matter how diverse or what size their population is.

StayWell Connext, Engage and Activate.

You already know StayWell Connext, our suite of highly custom, integrated offerings that address everything a large employer is looking for with full service support. We’ve now taken our nearly four decades of experience with proven solutions, based on our research and industry leadership, and created turn-key solutions for the mid-sized and small market segments.  Introducing StayWell Engage and StayWell Activate.

  • StayWell Engage is a turn-key solution that delivers a cost-effective, tailored user experience with multiple buy-up options. It offers a digital solution with features like challenges, assessments and incentive options while also offering live coaching. Buy-up options allow the client to add , and is perfect for clients who want some customization but don’t have large budgets for all the bells and whistles.
  • StayWell Activate is a complete digital solution that allows busy HR/Benefits professionals to take the first step into well-being. It offers limited customization, configured incentive tracking and a self-serve reporting/delivery.

All three products are backed by StayWell’s known expertise in behavior change. And all three provide a tailored user experience and a suite of well-being programs.  To learn more about our new StayWell Activate or Engage offerings, contact us today!