Assessments and Reporting

Knowledge is power. StayWell is known for using data to drive action, to solve client problems, and to create meaningful engagement and demonstrated outcomes.

Health Assessment

  • A simple, yet powerful, mobile-accessible tool provides an informative picture of each individual’s health in just minutes.
  • Algorithms help identify and target programs for both lifestyle and chronic conditions.
  • Creates a quantified self for participants.
  • StayWell is the only current supplier that has been continuously providing HAs to the national market since 1978.

Biometric Screenings

  • StayWell coordinates all events, taking away the hassle from the employer.
  • We work with nationally-recognized subcontractors to deliver the screenings.
  • Each appointment includes immediate results, a 3-5 minute consultation and a referral to appropriate resources.

Reporting Tools

  • Reports include program usage, national benchmarks and much more.
  • Enables development of employer-specific program strategies.

Tracking Devices

  • Connection to hundreds of devices through Validic integration.
  • Provides participant and employer feedback.


Awareness Building
Culture Building
Health Coaching
Rewards and Incentives

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