Blog #2, Pearce’s Race Across the Country. It takes a team.

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Blog #2 – Pearce’s Race Across America

“Depending on your life experiences, crewing on Race Across America will be the most amazing or awful thing you ever do, it may be both.” Quote from a Former Crew Member.

The Race Across America has been called “The most brutal challenge ever devised in the name of sport.” So the question you may be asking — right after “Why would anyone do that? — is: “What does serving as a support crew member on a 3000 mile cross-country bike race entail?” Before he left, Pearce shared a Support Crew Guide which answers a few common questions about what it’s like to be part of this adventure, such as:

What role does a crew member play?

Crewing encompasses numerous duties and roles—while the racers race, the crew members make most of the decisions and most constantly improvise, adjust and adapt. Crew members wear many hats including Bike Mechanic, Medical (EMT, Nurse, Doctor), Therapy (PT, Chiropractor, Massage), Handy Person (able to fix pretty much anything at any moment with a butter knife), Follow Drivers (2 minimum), RV and Other Drivers (2 minimum), Navigation Expert (2 minimum) Food Ambassador (champion of always having enough food for everyone) and Crew Chief (the deciding vote).

What can a crew member expect?

  • Expect to sleep very little, and when you do, it will in all likelihood be in a moving vehicle.
  • Expect to go days without showering, and to eat mostly non-organic, processed food.
  • Expect an emotional roller-coaster; one moment you’ll be feeling more alive than ever, the next you’re crying in a port-a-potty.
  • Expect that, at some point, you will see the very worst and the very best of every single member of the team, including yourself.

What can a crew member not expect?

  • Do not expect to “see the country,” or to camp out next to an open fire.
  • Do not expect it to be a spiritual journey or a quest you are all on together. It will become that, but only if you focus on the fundamentals.
  • Do not expect, your team or rider to do anything you think they will. Expect nothing and prepare for everything.

A final perspective from Pearce:

“I think it shows how complex this effort is going to be and how, as with most things in life, it takes a team with everyone working in support of the greater mission to make it happen.”

StayWell wishes Pearce and all the crew members and racers best of luck as they Race Across America!

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