Boost Patient Engagement with Targeted, Personalized Education You Can Track

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StayWell and Mytonomy have recently announced that they will collaborate to improve the way doctors share information with patients. With Mytonomy’s Patient Experience Cloud Software Platform delivering all of Staywell’s Healthbriefs, Videos on Demand and other content assets, patient education can be streamlined to allow patients to better follow care plans while delivering, a single source of truth, real-time utilization and patient reported outcomes to clinicians.

Attend a free StayWell webinar to learn more!

Health care providers and marketers who want to make patient education both more effective and more measurable can attend a free webinar from StayWell on Wednesday, May 3rd at 2pm Eastern Time.

In the presentation, “Deliver a Five-Star Patient Experience with Mytonomy’s Patient Experience Cloud Platform”, StayWell CEO Nicole Latimer, Mytonomy CEO Anjali Kataria, and Mytonomy President and Co-Founder Vinay Bhargava will discuss how you can now use StayWell’s targeted, personalized patient education through Mytonomy’s cloud-based software platform – to help patients comply with care plans, increase their longitudinal activation and have a 5 Star patient experience. while you get data that you’ve never been able to receive on Staywell education utilization.

In the webinar, you’ll discover how your organization can:

  • Improve utilization tracking for all your patient education materials.
  • Improve patient experience and patient satisfaction through hospital specific wayfinding tools, welcome videos from a patient’s care team and much more.
  • Decrease readmissions and infection rates.
  • Increase standardization, compliance and adherence.
  • Improve patient/clinician interactions and staff productivity.

Don’t miss this valuable hour-long webinar about this significant step forward in patient education. Register today at