Capturing the spring spirit

StayWell Newsletter

WellTimes June/July 2015

This year we waited a long time for spring and its possibilities. It’s a hopeful season, and the perfect time to think about health. As the weather warms and calls us outdoors, we have the opportunity to enact plans for the positive changes we want to make this year. Employers and health care providers both play a crucial role in helping individual consumers identify opportunities for behavior change, take the first step toward health improvement, and ultimately achieve their long-range goals.

Fortunately, individuals have more tools, resources and information at their disposal than ever before to improve and manage their health and to get the most out of every interaction with the health care system. And on the flip side of that equation, employers, wellness providers and doctors have access to the same type of technology to deliver a better patient experience and to improve outcomes.

In this issue of WellTimes, we look at health care consumerism and how engagement has become the key to achieving success in all aspects of health care—from prevention and employee health management programs, to managing chronic conditions and improving clinical outcomes for surgical procedures. More specifically, you won’t want to miss these features:

Over the course of our decades-long history in wellness, StayWell has and continues to be involved in serving the entire health care continuum. Whether it’s preventing illness through workplace wellness programs that reduce health risks, helping people manage conditions like diabetes or obesity to reduce co-morbidities, or giving physicians the tools to educate their patients and help them adhere to treatment plans that improve outcomes—StayWell has been a constant in health care, and we continue to evolve in response to client needs and in anticipation of future marketplace trends.

I hope you find this issue of WellTimes both enlightening and engaging as you consider your personal and corporate health journey this season. Your team at StayWell looks forward to working with you throughout 2015 to refine your goals and program offerings, helping you achieve new milestones in the health of your workforce.

In good health,