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Why should you consider StayWell’s new Self-Directed Coaching platform? This new digital product goes way beyond online education. StayWell now offers our successful telephonic health coaching model in a digital format, allowing participants to access their digital health coach anytime, anywhere. The valuable addition to any workplace well-being program is backed by StayWell’s long history and expertise in behavior change, health coaching, and expert content, and is integrated with our onsite and telephonic health coaching.

With Self-Directed Coaching, we help employees build skills for lasting behavior change with a motivational, digital program that puts people on a personal path to better health. We connect health with people’s life purpose and passions to drive daily small commitments that lead to big results. Programs are available in all of our most popular topic areas such as Eat Well, Move More, Stress Less, Smoke Free and Weight Control with new topics hitting the market frequently.

Like our award-winning live coaching, Self-Directed Coaching has activities tailored to each individual’s personal health experience, including:

  • Hundreds of articles following our “short and to the point” strategy
  • 100+ videos
  • Engaging and educational infographics
  • Interactive flashcards and quizzes
  • Calculators and worksheets

Plus, with StayWell’s long history of health content, components continue to grow each month as we continuously enhance the program based on participant feedback.

Even more important, we’re seeing strong participation and engagement from early adopters. Consider the following outcomes:

  • 39 large employer clients have implemented and are actively using the new product
  • In just the first 12 weeks alone, more than 21,000 individuals have engaged with and are benefitting from the new product
  • Companies leveraging StayWell’s recommended engagement package for the new product are seeing double the registration numbers of those using other engagement strategies

In future issues, look for more to come on Self-Directed Coaching as we enhance the product capabilities around badging, fit tracking and habit looping.

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