Checking the pulse on health in the workplace

StayWell Newsletter

WellTimes May/June 2014 

The first step to solving a problem is to understand it. When it comes to workplace wellness, that means understanding how individual health (i.e., health behaviors or conditions) is affecting the bottom line of the company, how population health behaviors or risks are spread across a population, and what can be done to help people improve health status, in turn mitigating or reversing the negative effects on the company—and the individual.

Health assessment is a proven tool that can help employers understand the health statusthumb-ha of their workforce and how it may be affecting their business by enabling them to, in essence, check the pulse of their workforce on a regular basis. StayWell introduced one of the first health assessment tools in the 1980s, and we’ve had a front-row seat for the evolution of the health assessment as a critical element in the dynamic population health industry.

In this issue of WellTimes, you can learn more about the health assessment, starting with our eBook titled “Health assessment as a health improvement tool.” This eBook addresses the role of the health assessments in employee health management, how technology is changing the participant experience, how health assessment data can be used to target wellness interventions throughout the year, and tips for building individual support for the assessment process.

Our research perspective in this issue of WellTimes continues this perspective on the health assessment tool, but with a focus on corporate scorecards. In this column, you’ll hear about StayWell’s involvement in a recently published study by Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) that examined the predictive nature of the HERO Employee Health Management Best Practices Scorecard in Collaboration with Mercer©. StayWell research experts  participated in this study and are among the authors for the published journal article.

Taking the time to evaluate your current situation is essential to ensuring that your wellness dollars are working for you and moving you closer to your long-term goals—whether you’re completing an individual health assessment, assessing the overall health of your workforce and identifying opportunities for health improvement, or pausing to evaluate your overall corporate culture and the impact of your current wellness program efforts.

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