CHS – starting conversations, building trust and achieving goals

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Building a culture of health is essential to improving employee well-being and controlling health care costs. CHS realized early success by embracing their unique structure and employee population. For starters, CHS locations range from a corporate headquarters with hundreds of employees, to retail facilities or grain elevators with a handful of employees, and production facilities for a variety of agricultural and energy products and services.

Leadership was committed to improving employee health, but knew that a one-size-fits-all wellness program wouldn’t work. So, in 2015, CHS partnered with StayWell to launch the CHS Fit360° wellness program.

Starting conversations

CHS Fit360° team focused on:

  • Improving the top risk factors and behaviors
  • Establishing a culture of health
  • Help employees and their families understand health and well-being
  • Contain health care costs

Building trust

StayWell’s onsite staff work full-time within CHS to keep CHS Fit360° alive and to advance program goals. This allows CHS human resources and benefits managers to focus on the broader suite of benefits, beyond wellness, that the company offers to employees.

Achieving goals

For management at CHS, investing in employee health is simply the right thing to do. They realize that, by doing so, they can play an essential role in creating a workplace that makes the healthy choice the easy choice and, in the process, contribute to a healthier bottom line.

To read more about the Fit360°, download the full client profile here.

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