Culture Building

StayWell is a trusted partner in designing, managing and staffing health promotion programs. Together, StayWell’s strategic account managers and onsite wellness teams provide focused, strategic support every step of the way to maximize your program performance and build a culture of well-being.

Account Management

From annual planning to best-practices goal-setting to enlisting local management and key stakeholder support, our account teams partner with you to monitor, constantly improve and customize your program, and keep it fresh month after month.

Onsite Wellness Programs

We pride ourselves on creating onsite programs that reflect the needs of each client’s unique demographics and health and wellness profiles. Our onsite programs drive measurable results that exceed industry standards.

Onsite Staff

StayWell has a team of more than 70 experienced onsite staff who are embedded at our clients’ locations. This team works to increase engagement in programs and build a culture of health at the worksite

  • Sends a powerful message to employees that the organization is committed to providing well-being resources
  • These boots-on-the-ground programs reflect the distinctive needs and culture of each client
  • StayWell clients report 100% satisfaction with their onsite staff and management of their wellness networks!

Champion Connection

StayWell offers a host of tools and resources to support wellness champions and help organizations build a culture of health at the local level. This includes not only the know-how to develop and enhance wellness champion networks, but also the tools and resources to make their jobs easier. Our Champion Connection is an online resource for all wellness champions and/or program representatives to utilize. The program:

  • Supports an organization’s well-being goals by creating a platform for grassroots program promotion
  • A structured, easy-to-use set of programs built for use by internal Wellness Champions
  • Combines paper-based challenges and topic-based toolkits


Assessments and Reporting
Awareness Building
Health Coaching
Rewards and Incentives

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