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One Innovative Platform

that allows clinicians to deliver best-in-class patient education via text message or email.
Engage Patients and Improve Outcomes.

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One Innovative Platform to Engage Patients and Improve Outcomes

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Save valuable clinical time and increase patient engagement and communication with CareEngage.

CareEngage leverages Smartlist technology to deliver key education and care instructions to patients. SmartList checklists are proven engagement tools that prevent outcomes and improve outcomes. Download brochure here.

Surgical candidates can prepare for surgery using customizable Smartlist checklists to manage tasks before and after surgery. Early outcomes offer a 60% reduction in same-day surgery cancellations, 57% decrease in ED visits and 15% fewer phone calls to physicians practices. Learn more

Sustain delivers Chronic Care and Disease Management Programs and Smartlist checklists that deliver interactive tools and modules that help manage chronic conditions while improving patients health, quality of life reducing costs. Learn more

People of all ages are using technology to manage their health. Our programs and technology deliver on-the-go, patient centered care. Maintaining communication keeps patients engaged and empowered. Share your feedback on our future products. Learn more

Join our second group of early adopters as a Founding Partner.

Are you a progressive organization looking to improve your patient satisfaction scores and outcomes?

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Exclusive Webinar on Becoming MACRA & MIPS Savvy

Are you ready to help your organization succeed under the new mandates?
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You can still watch our Exclusive Webinar:
Interactive Tool Delivers Chronic Disease Management Programs

You have patients dealing with ongoing, chronic conditions and diseases. How can you maximize your time and personal attention for them in the face of competing demands? How can you help patients reach – and sustain – good health and wellbeing?

Behavioral science and technology can impact the substantial economic burden the nation is facing with increasing rates of Chronic Disease.

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CareEngage in the News

Featured Article

StayWell Introduces Krames CareEngage Sustain™, an Interactive, Digital Solution to Manage Chronic Conditions
Yardley, Penn. (March 16, 2017) The cost of treating patients with chronic conditions accounted for 86 percent of all US health care spending in 2010. Couple this with the fact that more than 50 percent of people in the United States live with at least one chronic condition, and the economic impact becomes staggering. The StayWell Company, a leading health solutions company, announced today the availability of Krames CareEngage SustainTM, an interactive solution designed specifically to support people living with chronic conditions. Read More

Krames CareEngage Platform, Powered by Doctella, was developed based on quality and safety checklist research by Peter Pronovost M.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President for patient safety and quality for Johns Hopkins Medicine and Co-Founder of Doctella. It allows an interactive provider-patient discussion that spans across the continuum of care. It improves, enhances and expands provider-patient communication and shared accountability and results in better patient outcomes.

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Did You Miss Our Last Webinar?

Don’t worry if you did – you can watch the full webinar with Dr. Peter Pronovost. Dr. Pronovost shares the lessons he has learned from his patient safety research and how it is applied by health systems to improve care quality.

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How the Health Engagement Platform Works

Krames CareEngage Platform Creates Smartlists
Provider Customizes Smartlists
Patient / Family Receives Smartlist from their Provider
Patient / Family Monitoring Platform
Monitoring access and interaction data available

(data can be patient-specific or aggregate)

Proactively Push
Education to Patient

Monitor Patient

Reduced Preventable Harm, Saving Lives

Increased Patient Loyalty

Improved Outcomes and Quality of Care

Improved Patient

Early Outcomes of Surgical Outcomes Smartsteps

Decrease in same-day surgery

Decrease in ED visits and

Decrease in phone calls to
physician practice

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Dr. Pronovost is a co-founder of Patient Doctor Technologies, Inc., the team that developed Doctella, based on Dr. Pronovost’s safety and quality research. Dr. Pronovost is an equity stakeholder in Doctella and Staywell is an investor in Doctella. Staywell’s Krames Health Engagement Platform is powered by Doctella.