Health Coaching

We are all different and we all desire different types and styles of interaction. At StayWell, we have a coaching solution for everyone. Our coaching methods are based on a proven strategy for behavior change and risk reduction, while providing choice in modality. We employ dynamic delivery tactics, and have the most experienced coaches in the market. Our programs deliver the best, long-term results as evidenced by our peer-reviewed research.

Onsite Coaching:

  • Located at the workplace
  • Face-to-face
  • Someone you know

Supported Coaching:

  • Experienced health coach acts as an ongoing partner
  • Delivered telephonically and virtually

Individual Coaching:

  • Delivered online
  • Self-paced program, tailored to individual needs

Group Coaching:

  • Led by a dedicated health coach
  • Components include video conferencing devices, discussion boards and social support

Our Health Coaches: Expertise and Experience
StayWell health coaches act as partners trained to help people set personal health goals and determine realistic steps for making and sustaining change.

  • Our highly-trained and experienced coaches have diverse business and academic backgrounds. Their areas of expertise include nursing, education, public health, food science and nutrition, corporate health promotion, counseling psychology and clinical psychology.
  • All have a minimum of a bachelors’ degree (over one-third have advanced degrees) and have five or more years of professional work experience (17 years average overall; over 24 years for our RNs).



Assessments and Reporting
Awareness Building
Culture Building
Rewards and Incentives

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