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By StayWell CEO Dr. Paul Terry

In this month’s issue of The Art of Health Promotion we feature an article from Seth Serxner Ph.D., MPH, entitled: “A different approach to population health and behavior change: Moving from incentives to a motivation-based approach.”   Dr. Serxner describes a model for designing and implementing health promotion programs with a greater focus on the use of intrinsic reinforcements.   I was delighted to have Dr. Bonnie Spring, Professor in Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine join me in a “journal club” discussion about Seth’s article.  Now it is your turn to join in via this blog post. Read on.
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Please join Dr. Terry for a webinar on April 9, at 1:00 pm ET. He will host Dr. Seth Serxner, Chief Health Officer and Dr. Bonnie Spring. They will discuss an evidence-based approach to using incentives and together will field your questions and observations about how incentives are advancing and/or inhibiting progress in population health management. The panelists are contributors to the March/April 2013 issue of The Art of Health Promotion available here.

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