Available Through StayWell!

Krames On-Demand® and KidsHealth now offer a Best-of-Breed Pediatric Patient Education Solution


Available Through Staywell!

Krames On-Demand® and KidsHealth now offer a Best-of-Breed Pediatric Patient Education Solutions

You – and your pediatric patients and families – can now benefit from StayWell’s new partnership with KidsHealth. This exciting solution lets you give simple and clear instructions created exclusively for pediatrics. With KidsHealth Patient Instructions, clinicians spend less time editing adult instructions and can provide families with more targeted information that is understandable and actionable.

KidsHealth Patient Instructions

  • 1,900+ instructions created just for pediatrics
  • Created by expert pediatric clinical teams
  • Pediatric-specific, original illustrations
  • Plain language, simple design
  • Appropriate topics for inpatient, specialty, emergency, and primary care use
  • Age-specific and in-depth topic coverage to better support pediatric subspecialties

KidsHealth comes from the nonprofit Nemours Center for Children’s Health Media, a pediatrician-led group devoted to creating family-friendly education since 1992. KidsHealth Patient Instructions focus on what families need to know and address common reasons for therapeutic failure. Suggested and assigned from your electronic health record, KidsHealth Patient Instructions help meet meaningful use requirements. KidsHealth Patient Instructions are now available through the Krames On-Demand patient education solution.

The Krames pediatric patient education solution offers access to:
• Over 800 pediatric HealthSheets™ that explain anatomy, conditions, procedures, and more
• Award-winning Krames medical artwork
• Each topic in English and Spanish, with options for 13 other languages.

The combined solution speaks to the needs of pediatric patients and families and helps you:
• Meet Meaningful Use obligations
• Increase patient and staff satisfaction

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