Learn how technology can help health care providers thrive under MACRA

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The transition to the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) is driving big changes for health care providers, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Finding and implementing new patient engagement technology can help providers thrive under these new regulations.

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Health care providers and health systems administrators who want to realize their full potential under MACRA can attend a free webinar from StayWell April 11 at 1 p.m. EST.

The new reporting regulations put an increased focus on patient engagement and satisfaction and on the use of electronic health records. Patient engagement technology can make it easier to get patients the information they need in the format they want, while improving compliance with care plans and the patient experience. In the long run, this can improve a care facility’s reporting outcomes.

“There is evidence that increasing patient engagement makes a difference in outcomes,” said Lisa Oaks, senior product manager for StayWell and one of the featured experts for the webinar. “In fact, early outcomes from providers using interactive platforms to manage patient care showed that keeping people informed led to a 60 percent decrease in same-day surgery cancellations, a 57 percent decrease in emergency department readmissions and a 15 percent decrease in phone calls. This contributes to better financial outcomes for hospitals and a smoother, more satisfying experience for patients.”

Patients are increasingly looking for information electronically and on the go. A population that has gotten used to consuming content – including health content – on YouTube is looking for video and online, interactive tools. We also increasingly use smartphones and tablets, rather than full-sized computers, to consume media and manage our health. Hospitals and health systems must be prepared to meet those needs, and interactive patient engagement technology can help.

In November, StayWell introduced the Krames CareEngage Platform, which is designed with MACRA in mind to make it easier for providers to interact with patients throughout their care journey, improving quality and optimizing outcomes.

Attendees to our webinar on April 11 will learn about the basics of the MACRA mandates, as well as receive tips for implementing a meaningful plan to comply with the new requirements. Specific takeaways will include:

  • Implementing technology that streamlines the transition to MACRA and MIPS,
  • Helping patients improve their management of chronic diseases and preparation for surgical episodes, and
  • Accessing content that encourages active participation.

Space for this webinar is limited, so register today at staywell.com/doctella. Looking for more information right away? You can also watch our CareEngage demo and read more about patient engagement technology.

In good health.