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Summer newsletter story 1Our suite of tailored, proven solutions is getting a fresh, new user experience.

Emotional. Social. Financial. Professional. Every person has multiple dimensions—and connecting physical well-being with all the others requires a proven solution that focuses on unique needs, addresses different health risks and meets individuals where they are in their stage of change.

Digital Solution

StayWell’s enhanced interface and fresh new look make it even easier for individuals to learn about their health and enroll in programs that move them along the continuum of change—making it easier to take small, meaningful steps at any stage. Featuring all program elements in one stop, the site is the springboard for employees to engage with online self-directed experiences or connect with a health coach. It also offers integration with other employer programs and with apps and devices that can help produce better outcomes for employers and employees.

But the best thing is that there’s something for everyone—whether an individual is just beginning to think about making a change, if they’re ready to jump in feet first, or if they already have good habits and just need a little support to stay on track.

Specifically, StayWell connects participants with:

  • Our online participant experience. The website allows participants the opportunity to customize their dashboard and provides easy access for employees and their families to find opportunities to improve their well-being using the “Learn, Plan, Use” model. Our My Achievements badging feature adds to the fun of several programs, providing surprise badge awards to participants as they progress to keep them engaged.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and year-long challenges. Real engagement and lasting change starts with fun activities that include social support from friends and co-workers.
  • Health coaching to fit any style. Our individual, supported and group coaching programs offer a variety of topics to help individuals improve their health in ways that best fit their learning styles. Using our new programs, individuals can find their personal motivation, set realistic goals and track their progress through the behavior change continuum.

StayWell connects employers with:

  • Our team of seasoned, top-tier professionals and industry thought leaders. They work closely with employers to design and deliver a program tailored to employers’ exact needs.
  • Meaningful aggregate management reports. Our monthly, quarterly and annual program reports provide a wealth of data for employers and their account teams to use when evaluating program successes and considering changes to optimize their programs.