Maricopa County reinvigorated its “Wellness Works” program

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By StayWell’s Account Executive Adeline Driscoll

Local governments and counties face unique challenges when it comes to engaging employees in wellness programs. In a recent StayWell case study, we share how our client, Maricopa County, reinvigorated its “Wellness Works” program for employees in offices throughout this large geographic area.

As an employer, Maricopa County has a diverse list of job functions and worksites that are spread out and decentralized. But they also have a unique opportunity to improve the long-term health of the community because employees have a long tenure with the county.

To overcome these challenges and capitalize on the opportunity to improve long-term health as a result of their low attrition rate, Maricopa County leverages employee volunteers who serve as:

  • Volunteer fitness instructors bringing peer-taught fitness classes to job sites throughout the county; and
  • Wellness champions representing various departments, serving as healthy role models, and educating employees about the program.

In addition, Maricopa County implemented a tiered incentive program that allows employees to earn rewards by completing different activities. The county realized efficiencies by consolidating incentives and found that giving employees access to all options through one structure and one provider made it easier for them to engage with the program.

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