Small to Mid-sized Employer Solutions

Does your company have what it takes to build a successful well-being program for ALL employees? If not, StayWell can help.


StayWell Engage is a turn-key solution that delivers a cost-effective, tailored user experience with access to supplementary programs.

At StayWell, we design solutions that build security across the pillars of well-being. Well-being is about feeling secure in all aspects of life, not just physical health. Our approach to well-being encompasses financial security, professional development, social connectedness, emotional resilience and physical health. Our solutions drive engagement, whether an employer has several hundred or several thousand employees.

Staywell Activate Staywell Engage

Activate is a simple, digital solution with:

Engage is an easy-to-use digital solution with:

  • 24/7 access to program via mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Data driven program using device integration
  • Program implemented and monitored by StayWell experts
  • Quick and easy launch
  • On-demand self-serve reporting



  • Options to configure portal to client’s well-being strategy
  • Data-driven analysis utilizing assessment, device and biometric measures
  • Choice of incentive strategies
  • Champion support
  • Turn-key implementation with StayWell project managers
  • On-demand reporting with annual population health analysis

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