Krames On-Demand

Krames On-Demand® is an enterprise-wide solution that manages all the patient education you need–whether developed by StayWell, crafted by customers, or created by other industry experts.

Krames On-Demand will strengthen communication at every touch point and enhance the patient experience and engagement. Krames On-Demand will help you manage and distribute education where, when, and how you need it.

With Krames On-Demand, you will be able to access thousands of patient education topics, that are targeted, concise, and easily consumable. They are highly illustrated with strict adherence to the principles supporting healthy literacy, as well as available in multiple languages.

Our goal is to improve outcomes, as well as enhance the knowledge of patients, members, caregivers, and families. Krames On-Demand patient education can be distributed in various ways, including integration and your EHR.

Certification for Meaningful Use