Get instant access to Krames Patient Education with a streamlined workflow process within your Professional EHR, TouchWorks EHR or Sunrise EHR.



Get instant access to Krames Patient Education with a streamlined workflow process within your Professional EHR, TouchWorks EHR or Sunrise EHR.

StayWell and Allscripts have partnered to integrate Krames Patient Education within Allscripts’ EHRs, offering the best of breed Infobutton solution. This partnership is born from a shared commitment to bring high-quality patient education resources to hospitals, health systems, clinicians and the patients they serve.

Our comprehensive library of multimedia patient education content—including illustrated patient education HealthSheets, emergency discharge instructions, and health education videos—can be accessed directly from the Infobutton within your Allscripts Professional EHR, TouchWorks EHR or Sunrise EHR . Content is recommended based on your patient’s condition, medications or lab tests and documented within their record with a few simple clicks. This integrated solution allows a cohesive patient education program across your practice to every patient touch point and supports Meaningful Use objectives.

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Krames Offers:

+ Award-winning discharge instructions and patient handouts cover disease and condition overviews, tests and procedures, chronic disease management, lab tests, health promotion and general wellness

+ Commonly used words written in a conversational style make the text more understandable

+ Evidence-based and peer reviewed content ensures you are providing accurate and medically valid information

+ Award-winning artwork that helps patients visualize medical concepts without becoming overwhelmed

+ Single Topic Focus to increase retention

+ 5th – 6th grade reading level using plain language most patients can read and understand

Exclusive Webinar

May 31, 2017 at 1:00pm ET

Krames Patient Education is the leading choice among hospitals, health care systems, and physicians. Our experts will discuss the Infobutton solution and how to:

+ Access and dispense high-quality and concise patient specific education seamlessly within the workflow for every care setting

+ Add and create your own custom content to enhance your patient education library to meet all of your organization’s needs

+ Use engaging videos to educate, motivate and inspire your patients

A few fun facts about Krames Patient Education:

+ 4,000+ HealthSheets
+ 1,100+ Urgent Care and Emergency Discharge Instructions
+ 3,300+ Drug Information Sheets and Lab Tests
+ 180+ StayWell Patient Education Videos
+ 425+ ShareWIK Patient Story Videos
+ 100% English and Spanish (with the exception of ShareWIK videos)
+ 15 Languages supported