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Make an impression, differentiate yourself in the market, improve health outcomes and motivate healthy decisions with award-winning health engagement solutions from StayWell.

StayWell and Cerner have partnered to integrate Krames Patient Education. This partnership is born from a shared commitment to bring high-quality patient education resources to hospitals, health systems, clinicians and the patients they serve.

Our comprehensive library of education content—including illustrated patient education handouts and emergency discharge instructions—can be accessed directly within your EHR. Content is recommended based on your patient’s condition, age and gender and documented within their record with a few simple clicks. This integrated solution allows a cohesive patient education program across your practice to every patient touch point and supports Meaningful Use objectives.

Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction with superior content.

Leading hospitals and health systems choose Krames content because of its proven experience driving patient literacy and adherence to treatment plans.

  • Digestible content is designed to engage and empower patients and families to become active participants in their care
  • Quick, easy access to Krames content, based on patient diagnosis, tests, and medications, is seamlessly integrated into the patient care workflow
  • Krames content supports the patient-caregiver relationship, improves communication and enhances patient care and workflow

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Krames Offers:

Award-winning discharge instructions and patient handouts cover disease and condition overviews, tests and procedures, chronic disease management, lab tests, health promotion and general wellness

Commonly used words written in a conversational style make the text more understandable

Plain language meets the standards of cultural sensitivity

Evidence-based and peer reviewed content ensures you are providing accurate and medically valid information

Single Topic Focus to increase retention

Award-winning artwork that helps patients visualize medical concepts without becoming overwhelmed

5th – 6th grade reading level using plain language most patients can read and understand