Sustaining engagement: Once you’ve got ‘em, how do you keep ‘em?

StayWell Blog

By StayWell Senior Account Executive Emily Rathjen

So you managed to get your employees to the wellness party; now how do you get them to stay till the last dance? Finding new ways to ramp up engagement and interest can be a challenge. Our recent case study featuring Farm Credit Foundations addresses how this StayWell client successfully generated high wellness program participation and — more importantly — is keeping employees engaged over time.

What’s their secret sauce? For starters, the Farm Credit HealthyReturns program is more than a benefits package – it supports the total physical, mental and emotional well-being of employees.

In an employee population with high job satisfaction, low turnover and an educated workforce that is ready to embrace the program, providing multiple opportunities for people to stay active is a must. An annual health assessment and biometric screenings can only take you so far; but options like Farm Credit’s “Take Action” programs generate participation and outcomes with layered incentives that are tied to:

  • Walking campaigns to get people up and moving,
  • Coaching programs – (self-directed or one-on-one) to support long-term behavior change, and
  • Nutrition programs to educate employees about eating right.

Farm Credit also found wellness champions can make a difference in program participation and completion. These engaged employees educate their peers about the benefits of healthy living and serve as role models for healthy choices.

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