Outcomes_01Healthy people have value.

Healthy people have greater productivity at work, fewer absences, and lower health care costs. It’s been proven time and time again, with StayWell research leading the way.


We measure performance to prove it worked.Outcomes_02

79% of StayWell clients improve the overall health of their population in just one year. Most important, we can prove StayWell moves populations toward enhanced wellness. In order to get these outcomes, you need to get people engaged in programs. Learn how StayWell excels at engagement.


Outcomes_03We are relentless about measurement.

Constant measurement is key. At both a macro and micro level, our clients know exactly how their program is performing. Analyzed by strategic account managers and data experts, our reporting includes national benchmarks, industry breakdowns, and employer-specific information—driving strategies for continuous improvement.


Our results lead the industryOutcomes_04

We consistently lead our clients to the industry’s top awards for programs with validated outcomes.

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