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eBook: Establishing a Progress-Based Incentive Strategy


Impact of a Comprehensive Population Health Management Program on Health Care Costs

Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine


Analyzing Best Practices in Employee Health Management: How Age, Sex, and Program Components Relate to Employee Engagement and Health Outcomes

Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine


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    New research shows that prevention is key to reducing health care costs for all employees, even those with chronic conditions. | More

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    Best-practice organizations achieved higher levels of engagement than common-practice organizations in both health assessment and health coaching programs, demonstrating the contribution of quality program components to superior program engagement rates. | More

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    StayWell eBook provides guidance for employers and benefit professionals to implement a progress-based incentive strategy as part of a comprehensive workplace health management program. | More

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    This research is significant for employers because it underscores the importance of customizing employee health management strategies and best practices to the demographics and established cultural norms of a workplace. | More

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